Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's More Fun In Albay, Philippines Photo Series #48

Taguan. It's More Fun in Albay, Philippines (Photo by Astor Oro Rejuso)
Taguan. the Filipino equivalent of the popular game Hide-and-Seek. It involves a group of players hiding from an “it”.

One player is randomly chosen as the it, usually through rounds of pompyang (players simultaneously flip their hands, deciding to have them palm up or palm down all at once and the odd ones out are chosen as the it) or jack-en-poy (rock-paper-scissors). The it remains at a base determined by all the players. The other players then hide, and when securely hidden, they call out "It!". The it goes to search for them. Those who are hiding may repeat the call at their own discretion. 

The game ends when all of the players are found. The player who is first found will be the new it (the searcher) in the next round. 

A variation of the game allows the hiding players to move. The object of the game is for the hiding players to reach the home-base without being detected or being caught by the it. Another variant involves “capturing” hiders and the it has to defend the home base from the other hiders. If a hider reaches the home base without being caught, he can free the captured players.(WikiPilipinas)

Playing taguan, oh it's definitely more FUN in Albay, Philippines....

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