Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cagsawa Ruins.... One More Reason Why It's More Fun in Albay

Cagsawa Ruins and Mayon Volcano (Photo courtesy of Belle Nidea)

According to myth, Cagsawa or Kagsawa was derived from "KAG" meaning owner and "SAWA" or python. The story goes that a giant legendary snake saved a couple from imminent death during the great eruption of Mayon Volcano. Today, only the belfry remains visible as a grim reminder of both how beautiful and dangerous Mayon volcano is.

A top tourist destination, easily accessible and just a couple of minutes away from both Legazpi City and Daraga proper, Cagsawa Ruins is one more big reason why it's more FUN in Albay. (all pics below are shared by Belle Nidea)

The view inside the belfry

One of the many handicraft stores at the Cagsawa Ruins Park selling souvenir items.

Souvenirs sold at Cagsawa Park

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