Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's More Fun In Albay, Philippines Photo Series #23

Bridal shower. More Fun in Albay, Philippines (Text by Nats; Photo by D'Loks Studio)
Glenda Lorenzo in her beautiful wedding gown could not postpone her wedding so she braved the floods in Legazpi City to finally get hitched with her groom, Ryan Cuebillas, waiting at Albay Cathedral. Thanks to a large cargo-suddently-turned-into-a-bridal truck that saved her most unforgettable day. She is an epitome of Albayanos’ deep sense of faith and resilience—the ability to cope and have fun even in the midst of miserable and dangerous situations, which we often find ourselves confronted with but we surmount with the courage of David and the hope of Job. Albay, with the very able leadership of Gov. Jose Salceda, whose disaster management motto is Zero Casualty, can claim to fame that it's the safest province in the Philippines not only for its own residents but also for tourists. It's more fun in Albay, Philippines!

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