Sunday, January 8, 2012

CALL TO PHOTOS by Gov Jose Salceda

 CALL TO PHOTOS (not photocopy or copycat)

Bubon, bubon, bubon (Bicol-French yan for well, well, well).

We are launching our “It is more fun in Albay” advertising campaign with Cagsawa Festival 2012. Estimated time of publication in Inquirer/Philstar will be on Jan. 18.

The table is now open for nomination (este submission) of photos to the first of bimonthly tourism advertisement of the Provincial Government of Albay.


1. Subject will be Cagsawa (which naturally includes Mayon Volcano and its lava fronts), Cagsawa Festival or anything about Daraga, its unique and exciting attributes/activities and its people and community.
2. Submission deadline: Jan 15 11:59pm
3. Watermarking is optional, but preferred . We may ask photographer to adjust the font and positioning of the watermark if chosen for publication.
4. Caption is optional, but we reserve right to put our own caption on the published photo
5. Posting on my wall is optional, but preferred. Public response to your photos could help in the selection.
6. Photocredit in the ad-copy and its reputational impact on your stature as artist, the opportunity to share your moment and talent to the rest of the world, and the sense of fulfillment in contributing to Albay tourism and the perpetual gratitude of Albayanos are your “only” benefits.
7. A creative team will be consulted in making our final selection.
8. No one is disqualified or otherwise prequalified.

The public may dance.

The next dance piece (este, ad) will be on Feb. 2 and the subject for photo competition will be posted here on Jan. 16. Ihanda na po ninyo ang mga Magayon Festival photos nindo because we will definitely have a pre-festival marketing campaign.

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