Monday, January 16, 2012

It's More Fun In Albay, Philippines Photo Series #42

Sweet Potatoes from Tiwi, Albay for sale. (Photo: Christopher Aquino)

According to the latest report of Bureau of Agricultural Statistics on Volume of Production by Crop per Provinces in year 2010, Albay ranked third in all provinces with most produced sweet potato having a volume of 38,475.23.

Sweet potato or locally called as "camote"  is a crop that many knows good for our digestion. This is why most of the people who wanted to be fit and in diet, change their rice in a meal into boiled camote. 

So whenever you will be in Albay never forget to buy sweet potatoes or tried any of camote dish such as "camote que" and "kalingking" for you to taste how sweet sweet potatoes that are produced in our province.

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