Monday, January 23, 2012

EATING is more fun in Albay!

Eating and Cooking is definitely in the blood of a true-blue BICOLANO!
...Cooking with "gata" that is!ahahahaha!

Who in their lifetime hasn't experienced the many varieties of coconut milk-laden dishes and delicacies while they lived and breathed? Shame on you if you raise your hands on this one. You don't deserve to be called a BICOLANO at that(just kidding!)!

I am a lover of Bikol Cuisine...and my lunch ain't complete without a scrumptious serving of vegetables cooked in coconut milk! In short, it should be at least "gulay", meat/fish viand and rice for a complete meal. And if it's SPICY, that would mean another hefty helping of EXTRA RICE!hahahaha!

Seriously, "GATA" & "LADA" never misses out the dining table of everyone who has ORAGON blood by them, it's like a hidden status symbol for people from the land of Magayon.

When it comes to eating, cooking or just simply - FOOD!It's truly more Fun in Albay!

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  1. indeed! ao rin mahilig sa ulam na may gata.. iba talaga kapag Bicolano ang nagluto, kesa sa iba.. mako-compare mo talaga ang lasa. Wala ng dadaig pa sa Bicolanong Uragon :)