Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Semana Santa sa Albay

Devotion and reverence to the Almighty is very apparent in the culture of the Filipino, most especially with Albayanos. You will definitely notice that even at a very young age when your parents first bring you to the altar to be baptized, confirmed and get your first communion...they make such a big fuss over it even putting up a feast that would feed the barangay and an army of sponsors(ninangs/ ninongs) to bear witness to the occasion.

Last Holy Week was a very lengthy one with an extended weekend that blessed the weary souls who still had to travel ahead of time to spend the much needed annual R&R. The usual practices were followed...the usual culture that embraces every Albayano by heart...the usual teachings dating back to the spanish friars to your sunday school teachers were still evident.

Here is a glimpse of the festive yet sombre mood for commemorating the passion of the Christ every year that makes an unsuspecting unintelligible "christian" who brands this kind of event as IDOLATRY cringe in barefoot animosity. 

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